My Adventures In Amateur Telescope Making

The 12.5 Inch GOTO Equitorial


A classic 12.5 inch Newtonian on a German equatorial mount. Built in the early 90's by my Father, Grandfather and Great uncle. It took first place at Stellaphane for excellence in craftsmanship. It sadly sat in a garage for many years, till one day I spotted it stuffed in my parents garage with an inch of dust on it, so decided to see if I could restore it. My father handed it down to me at that point. I have since added a byers gear to the Dec axis and built a GOTO computer to drive it.

Scratch Built GOTO Equitorial Mount


After gaining the experience from restoring the Large equatorial mount, I decided to see if I could build one that is more portable from scratch. It is still an on going project that had and still has some major hurdles to overcome.

Arduino Powered Focuser Controller


A cost effective solution to control a stepper driven motorized focuser. Link to the project is displayed, all credit goes to the owner of the project who has done a fantastic job with it.

Arduino GPS Location And Time Keeper