My favorite resources/tools, I have learned from and use.

My favorite resources

Astro Dude

Astro Dude is a Youtube channel that has an excellent series of video tutorials on the basics of Pixinsight. He starts you off from the very basics and walks you through integration and processing. By the end you should come out with a very nice first image using PI. After using his tutorials and getting a grasp on the mechanics of PI, I highly recommend going to Light Vortex's site for a more in depth integration and processing workflow. 



Trevor from AstroBackyard is a very knowledgeable and accomplished astro photographer, especially using a Canon Dslr. I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge from his blog and Youtube channel. His content is some of the best I have come across.


Chucks Astrophotography

Chuck from Chucks astrophotography is in my opinion, one of the best at shooting with a mono camera and processing in Pixinsight. He has had multiple images of the day and top picks on Astrobin, As well as a few NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day picks. Check his content out.



Weather you are just starting out, or a seasoned astronomer this is the forum to join.

I find my self surfing the classifieds often it's a bad habit.


Light Vortex Astronomy

The best tutorials I have found for getting started in post processing/processing with Pixinsight. He also has the best tutorial for setting up Astro Tortilla.


My favorite software


A really nice and detailed planetarium suit. This is my go to planetarium for driving my telescope to objects in the night sky. There is also an Android app.


Astro Photography Tool

APT is a great camera control software and is what I use on all my setups. It has pretty much all you need from basic dslr camera control to automatic focusing and plate solving.


Backyard EOS

BYE is what I started using when I got into imaging. It is only for controlling Canon dslr cameras. I recommend APT over BYE even though I'm listing it in this list because It is extremely simple to use and intuitive. If you don't need all the features of APT anytime in the future BYE could be a nice solution. BYE is also a little more expensive than APT and a much smaller feature set.  



PI is very much so the pinnacle for integrating and processing astro photos. It can be a daunting piece of software to learn but is extremely powerful. My images increased in quality 10 fold from this software and some help from some Youtube and Light Vortex Astronomy's tutorials. It's downside is that it's expensive. 


Clear Outside

 Is it going to be a good night to go star gazing or imaging? This app for Android and IOS Is the most convenient solution I have found. Made by First Light Optics, they built this App as a gift to the astronomy community. A free App that displays your local Dark Sky weather charts. 


GPS Status

 One of things you will run into setting up any computerized telescope mount, Is the need to know your GPS location and where north is. This App for Android will tell you both right on your phone.